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"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions".

- Coco Chanel - 


The label's character and style is driven by crafting items that are uniquely personal with a monumental touch. Architectural shapes brought to life in precious Italian fabrics and punctuated by unusual and unique details.

The concept of "fashion design" guides work and creations. Suggestions and emotions awaken the soul of the Architect who suggests new languages ​​of signs and shapes, a continuous exploration of colors and materials, greater attention to detail and an ever-better choice of fabrics. The process is none other than the evolution of the design of what is impulsively born from the inspirations, which are the result of the influences of the past and of the paths of life.

ma va’ 


ma va'

It was not a decision but merely another way to express our artistic side. So far it has been through the architecture that we could shape our creativity, until one day those moments with needles, cloth and lace that belong to when we were little girls have become a way of life as “ma va’”. In Italian it is an exclamation of astonishment, but especially our identity in the contraction of our two names, Marianna and Valentina: two women, two sisters, two Architects.

Every single dress we sell is cut, packaged and sewn in the same space in which it is designed, tested and marketed. We do things differently: we sell directly in our atelier or on our site, we rely only on a few stores of our confidence to reach you even far, do not produce excess, we do not believe in standardization and massification. Our process is slow and this allows us to focus on the quality of our product, on the quality of our work, on the quality of our life and on the quality of the experience we can offer to each of you. We hope that the choice of one of our leaders is a pause for reflection, a moment of expectation, an opportunity to appreciate what brings him into your life, because every time you wear it you will always experience that wonderful excitement of the first time. A dress is much more than a thing to wear. It is a way to communicate, to express without words how you are, to create your identity, to describe the person you hope to be. But a dress is also a home for your body. It must be functional, it must be comfortable, it must not only adapt to your person, but it must make your life easier and more immediate, in order to direct your thoughts on the important events of your days without worrying about what you are wearing. Our aim is to design each garment in order to help you build a bespoke wardrobe that meets the need to express yourself, protect you and know you through the clothing you choose, and also that allows you to dress carefree and face any situation with confidence and trust yourself.